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October 2017

If you’ve used the loyalty rewards program in the past, you know that it was pretty dated. Answering boring questions on a text splashed webpage wasn’t a fun way to learn about games, nor was it representing what we wanted to showcase about the PlayStation brand. PlayStation is about fun, and giving players games the way they want them to be played, and we wanted the new system to reflect this. We want to provide a system that engages users with livestreams, awesome news, and information on the hottest upcoming games and developments in the PlayStation world. We had a feeling that our community felt the same, but wanted to make sure. The results from the survey were overwhelming, and only helped to affirm how we felt.

With all that in mind, we’ve updated our system and our rewards center to better reflect today’s PlayStation community, from the hardcore gamers to the store associate simply looking to bring excitement and focus to their business (and impress their boss). Rewards won’t be easier to earn, but we truly feel that the new site’s community will be more engaged in the process, more entertained, and ultimately more educated on new and upcoming PlayStation titles. In January 2018, we are moving away from physical media and tchotchkes to a digital model, the new rewards system will enable you, our faithful community, to earn exciting exclusive in-game items and content on top of digital copies of the latest and greatest hit AAA or indie titles.

The PlayStation brand has evolved leaps and bounds since we started OnPlayStation, and now it’s time to bring the system into a whole new era. We truly appreciate the feedback and insight you’ve provided to this point, and look forward to assisting your growth along with our own.




How do I redeem my current points?

You will have an opportunity to redeem the points in the new system until December 31, 2017 by completing the OnPS Rewards Order Form.

What happens to my current points?

The points you have are coming with you. However, you will only have opportunities to redeem them until December 31, 2017.

How does the request form work?

Once you’ve completed an order-form, a member of the team will reach out to you on the status of your order and tracking information. Orders can take 6-8 weeks to complete.

Why do you only ship to stores?

To ensure your items make it safely to your hands we are sending to your place of employment.

Where do my digital items go?

Into your Inbox within the app


What happens to the advocate program?

Stay tuned! It’s under reconstruction


Where is the old catalog?

You will have access to a new rewards center to spend the remainder of your points.

Why is everything moving digital now?

Moving to a digital system allows us to have more rewards available to those in the program and get them to them faster.

Can I only get games? What other things can I download?

Avatars/Themes/DLC/Digital Currency and more to come!

Can I only use one PSN ID for the program?

Yes, one PSN ID per program account.

Can I get a PS4 system?

You’ll have opportunities to win PS4 systems through special sweepstakes and contests. You will also have the opportunity to score one with your banked-up points by completing the OnPS Rewards Order Form.